The church of performance witness

The church of performance witness is a draft of a monolog which reflects on cultural and historical phenomena. The project is inspired by the artistic method of Trajal Harrel, religion and Pussy Riot. The performance consists of talked through speech, improvised or set dance and karaoke singing.
Except from the text:

I am not concerned about being claimed as a Humanphobe, and would like to say, or rather being afraid to be claimed as a Humanphobe, still I have to note the following. However I want to make this statement, being both afraid and not afraid at the same time. Though even an attempt to make a statement like this will immediately rank me as a Humanphobe, most likely. However I will not be afraid of this and do not fear to make the following statement.

Dear, non ladies and non gentlemen,

I am glad to welcome you to the holy space of the church of performance witness. We have met here today to get an introduction to this brand new religion flow. It was founded by the ever hyped , clever to be clever, ever voguing, the great artist of our time- Trajal Harrell and the others.
The Pope has became pop, the pop Pope, I am your Pop Pope the first of the great land of witness. Remember my children, that a performance is everywhere, it reflects though the movement of nature, the dynamics of self-cognition, the arousal of desire. Everything is allowed and everything is forbidden. Performance reveals the best in this world, the best of mankind and human nature. Remember, my children that it is only accessible to the to the once who witness, who define the nature of performance within themselves and project it on anything. The color of religion is glitter, because green is for nature, gold is for wealth, silver for cheaper wealth, blue is for boys, pink is for cancer, rainbow is for gay, black is for white, yellow is for Asian, white is for God.
I do not find it necessary to explain logic, greatness and fulfilment that our flow provides to its followers. The Thesaurus web portal states that the synonyms for performance are achievement, act, conduct, work while the antonyms: failure, disregard, neglect, unfillment, direction, direction, ineffectualness, inefficiency. Just let it enter your heart!
Let the Snapchat be your place of confession and the Instagram be your witness, let your Facebook account be an evidence of your faith and dedication, let the techno rave become the place of the church of performance witness as well as ballet dances, Youtube videos, public locations, galleries and intimate spaces.


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Nahabedian/Thomas Richter